Downtown and Lapa

by Free Walker Tours

When? Every Day, except on Sundays at 10:30AM

WHERE? Largo da Carioca (Exit letter C of Carioca Subway station

No Booking Required

Language: English & Spanish

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Go  back in time in our Free Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro* of Downtown and Lapa and re-live the past while walking through the charming colonial streets of Rio and leaning about the four centuries of the history of the city.

Comprehend how the geography of the city influenced on the development of it and how Rio became the capital of Brazil for more than 200 years. See the buildings where the important decisions of the city where made when Rio was the capital. Discover that Rio wasn’t only the capital of Brazil, but also the only city in South America that was the capital of an European kingdom (yes, here was the capital of Brazil and Portugal).

Find out why Brazil was an Empire and not a Republic after its independence. Also admire the belle Epoque buildings of Rio and understand why a few of the buildings of the historical center look French

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