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Best things to do in Prague

Best things to do in Prague

Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, the Czech capital offers countless spectacular sights to visit and numerous unique cultural activities to try. Here is our selection of top 10 things to do in Prague.

Old town Square

The old town square of Prague is one of the most beautiful places of Europe and the heart of historic and tourist Prague. Here you will see the beautiful gothic crownings of The church of Týn surrounded by art noveau colorful facades and a marvelous medieval astronomical clock. You can get to the top of the on town hall tower for amazing views!


things to do in prague

Chales Bridge

Built in 1357, Charles Bridge is the most romantic icon of Prague.  This bridge is a promenade to enjoy views of the city and its most important buildings in every direction with the river under your feet. During the day it is full with artists selling their work but if you want to see the bridge with no crowds come very early in the morning!



things to do in praguePrague Castle

This Palace or “castle complex” was seat  for the Kings of Bohemia, the Holy Roman emperors and nowadays the office of the president of the Republic. This complex merges every style of the las millennium with several churches inside like Saint Vito’s cathedral.





things to do in prague

MaláStrana is a district between Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Some of the most beautiful streets of Prague are here! Pay attention Saint Nicholas church and the exotic Lennon Wall, a wall full of graffitis where every visitor tags his name!




things to do in prague

Loreta and Strahov Monastery

Loreta is a pilgrimage destination that consist of a church and cloister located very close to Prague Castle. You can combine a visit to this place with a walk to the stunning Strahov Monastery! From Strahov you can walk down the hill and get impressive views of prague during the sunset!



things to do in prague

Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock is a unique masterpiece in the world! You must see this in Old Town Square and appreciate the beautiful crafting of the clock that indicates the position of the sun and shows various Catholich saints and a medieval representation of death.



Jewish Quarter and Cemetery

Prague has an important collection of Synagogues in the old Jewish Quarter (also known as Josefov). The community has lived here since the 10th century and you can find more about their history in the Jewish Museum of Prague. The must see is the old cemetery which is the biggest of its kind in Europe and the most important Jewish monument of the city.



Alphonse Mucha Museum

Alphonse Mucha was a famous czechartist that many admire for his beautiful drawings full or curvy and natural decorations in the art noveau style. He drew many publicities for plays and operas that made him a world famous artist. His museum in Prague has an amazing collection of some of his most beautiful drawings and paintings!



Dancing House

If you want to change styles and see some more modern architecture this building is perfect for you. The Dancing house was finished in 1996 and rapidly became on the city icons. Travelers like the strange shapes and kinda bizarre but super cool desing of this structure!



things to do in prague

Go on a daytrip!

Prague is close to many interesting places that you can go for a daytrips. Our recommendations are Kutná Hora or Karljsten Castle!


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