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What to do in Copenhagen

What to do in Copenhagen

In this post we will show you the best things to do in Copenhagen. A list of the best activities to do in this lovely city of Denmark. 


Christianborg is the most beautiful palace in Copenhagen and seat to the Danish Parliament. It is located in a separated islet making it outstand from other buildings. The building is located in a closed courtyard used for horse training of the royal stables located next door. If you are lucky you can see some beautiful horse riding with the palace as a background!


What to do in CopenhagenNyhavn

Nyhavn is the classic postcard of the city! Built during the 1600s as a new port for Copenhagen, it serves nowadays as a historic port featuring many old wooden boats and colorful classic facades. This colorful promenade makes a perfect picture for anyone visiting the city.




What to do in CopenhagenAmalienborg

Amalienborg is the palace of the Danish Royal Family. It is composed by 4 simple classic buildings around a courtyard. Different to other royal palaces in Europe, this one is rather simple and not overwhelming. Pay attention to the royal guards with their uniforms and traditional codes.



What to do in CopenhagenStrøget 

Strøget is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe. Located in the heart of the city, walking this street is a must to appreciate the sophistication and standards of this prosperous country. In fact the pedestrianisation of this street in 1962 was atotal success of urban innovation. This idea promoted by the Danish of a city closer to the people was later copied by many other European cities.


What to do in CopenhagenRådhuspladsen

Rådhuspladsen is Copenhagen main square where the city hall is located. It is surrounded by art noveau 1900s brick buildings with gold decorations. Different crowinings of the surrounding buildings make it an architectural delight! Pay attention to a dragon fountain and a statue of two Vikings blowing horns that refer to the Danish mythological origins.


What to do in CopenhagenFreetown Christiania

Christiania is a self proclaimed anarchist district inside Copenhagen. In the 70 a group of hippies decided to occupy a former military property to stablish a community against capitalism. Nowadays this district claims to be independent and permits graffiti, marihuana selling markets and socialist sharing of resources. Christiania is controversial but definitely worth a visit, for some it looks like a rundown place for hippies for others it represents the will of some to live in a different way.


What to do in Copenhagen Tivoli

Tivoli is Copenhagen amusement park and the second oldest one operating in the world.This beautiful 19th old style attraction delighst every visitor with tons of fan and fairty tale decorations that make it different to modern amusement parks. Locals say it is a must to come here to know one of their most traditional places!


What to do in CopenhagenRosenborg Castle

Rosenborg castle is a scandinavian brick castle-palace in the middle of a big park. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and statues that embellish the building and make it one of the most outstanding landmarks of the city.


What to do in CopenhagenDanish Royal Library

Located on the islet next to Christianborg the Danish Royal Library is composed by a 1900s art noveau brick building attached to a modern elegant masterpiece called “the black diamond”. We recommend to get inside this building to appreciate some modern Danish architecture characterized by its sinuous forms and impeccable design.



What to do in CopenhagenDanish design museum

The Danish are very famous for their design. Danish chair and furniture designs have conquered the world and can be found in homes all around the globe. A visit to this fun and interactive museum is a must for those who want to see crazy and fun objects and have a different experience.

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