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What to do in Marrakech

What to do in Marrakech

Travelling to Morocco, then it a must to visit Marrakech and get a mixture of modernity and authenticity.

Is the vibrant touristic capital of Morocco enriched by history, traditions, luxury, touristic attractions and sights. Also, it is the city of entertainment in Morocco.

In the center of Marrakech is a square, Djemaa el Fna, which is the operating point for entertainers such as acrobats, drummers, dancers, pipe musicians, comedians and storytellers.

There’s plenty of choice for meals, including the Djemaa el Fna food stalls, many inexpensive cafe-restaurants and a number of up-market palace-restaurants that offer Morocco’s traditional cuisine at its very best.

We want you to know this amazing city, so here we give some advices of what to do in Marrakech:

Wander through the Legends of Marrakech History

what to do in marrakechTurn back to the period when Marrakech was founded in the 11th century and get stories of the desert caravans passed through this outpost.

Step into the secrets of the Koutoubia Mosque, built in the 12th century.

Take in Ben Youssef Medrassa Islamic College’s amazing architecture. Walk hand in hand through El Badi Palace and, also, explore the grounds of the Menara Gardens.


Explore the Souks

what to do in marrakechWalk through a Marrakech souk. Find amazing antique doors, pick up handmade blankets and antiques.

Smell fragrant spices and drink steaming mint tea.

Buy little trinkets and handcarved ornaments. Bring frankincense and traditional soaps to your home.

Enjoy the streets and the culture while you see some beautiful things!


Get a Walking Free Guided Tour

what to do in marrakechJoin Marrakech WITH Locals Free Walking Tours that are guided by locals and get deep into the secrets, stories, hidden spots and sights of Marrakech Medina.

You can learn about the culture, the history and have some deep secrets about this incredible city!


Djamaa el Fna

what to do in marrakechFeel the beat of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about Africa’s largest square.

Feel the vibe shift in the air, listen to storytellers, buy market trinkets and watch the snake charmers.

See the square explode into life after nightfall and exhilarate in the carnival atmosphere. Eat local food, dance music and play some games.

Bend down to inspect goods on rugs and much more!


Visit A Hammam

what to do in marrakechSit in a heated steam room where you can feel your pores open. Be refreshed and relaxed by using an exfoliating glove. Have a relaxing moment in this beautiful place in Marrakech.

Experience the nourishment of a soap made from natural olive oil!




Explore Atlas Mountains

what to do in marrakechClamber the slopes of Atlas Mountains. Visit the home of the nomadic Berber tribes.

Feel amazed at being in a completely different world. Peer across the mountain range and imagine the Sahara Desert shimmering beyond.

You can get a one day trip from Marrakech to discover the High Atlas Mountains and touch closely the berber people, culture and life.


Visit The Tanneries

what to do in marrakechLearn about making leather and the art of leatherwork. See amazing techniques that have lasted centuries.

You will learn a lot about this old technique and its beautiful art of leatherwork. You will not believe what they’re capable to do…



Walk through Jardin Majorelle

what to do in marrakechLeave the city chaos and walk to Jardin Majorelle.

The French painter Jacques Majorelle created the gardens over 40 years of labour, it was first opened to the public in 1947.

Take snapshots of its famed cobalt-blue colours, sit by picturesque ponds. Wind through paths travelling through painted scapes.

You will not regret to have a moment in here!



Take A Day Trip To Essaouira

what to do in marrakechDrive two hours to Essaouira or take a three-hour bus ride and marvel at the region’s cool climate. You will feel the Atlantic Ocean’s fresh cool breeze. Stroll around a charmingly pretty tow.

You can see the whitewashed buildings and bright blue boats.

Feel the Portuguese influence in the ancient seafront fortifications and enjoy a full day by the seaside in a bohemian town.


Tour Museums

what to do in marrakechLearn more about Moroccan history by visiting Dar Si Said Museum, home to Ba Ahmeh’s brother.

Study the impressive craft and woodwork collection, admire carved cedar and musical instruments.

Visit the Musée de Marrakech and take a picture of the museum site. It stands in a converted early 20th century house. Admire the ever-changing exhibits and then walk across the tartishly tiled great court.

You can stand under the roof and look up to get a great shot of the enormous chandelier.


Map of Atractions

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