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What to do in Valletta

What to do in Valletta

Valletta is an exceptional city of Malta. Not just for being the only European capital declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, nor for having been built almost like a fairy tale by knights, nor for standing as the most modern European city for centuries, but for its beauty, secrets and history.
The surface you can discover alone, but we are looking forward to sharing with you the best things to do here.


Getting lost in the backstreets of the city

what to do in vallettaValletta´s side streets are not as monumental, but have a special charm that makes them unique. You can walk to discover the most spectacular ones and give some magic to your eyes.




National Museum of Archaeology

what to do in vallettaMalta has a unique prehistory. In the small islands you can find the oldest free standing buildings in the world, built by an extremely advanced civilization, and here you can find their objects and art.

Apart from that, you can get information to visit the Megalithic temples, another must of this little islands and visit a Palazzo of the knights, as the museum is located in one.



Palace Armoury

what to do in vallettaWhen the knights of Saint John left the island they also left behind one of the best and most spectacular collections in the world of armours and weapons from the XVII to the XVIII century. The collection is in the Grandmaster Palace, so you can also take a glimpse of one of the most spectacular buildings in the city.



Go Shopping

what to do in vallettaBeing the capital of Malta and a main tourist attraction, in Valletta you can find some of the most modern and trendy shops in the world, but also some traditional shops. They will offer you something completely unique, like the Maltese glass, compared to that of Murano (Venice) much cheaper. And if you want more, just take the ferry to Sliema to enjoy the other main shopping area in the country.



Take a dghajsa

what to do in vallettaFirstly, it is pronounced “daisa”. These are traditional Maltese boats, quite similar to the Venetian gondolas, that have been used for centuries to cross the Great Harbour. They still use them as water-taxis, and also to do a panoramic tour in the Great Harbour.




Three Cities

what to do in vallettaOnce you are in the dghajsa, you may want discover why Malta is considered one of the most fortified places in the world, and the Three Cities together with Valletta are one of the main examples: 3 fortified cities, all protected by another external wall, and by a number of forts which defended the Great Harbour. And you will enjoy some of the Maltese traditional lifestyle in their streets, since this area is not so turistic.



Valletta at night

what to do in vallettaThere are few cities more beautiful than Valletta, and probably one of those is Valletta under the moonlight. The city loses its honey colour turning into a fairy tale city with a unique beauty, also offering many places to have a beer in the streets or a nice dinner. And don´t worry, because the city is extremely safe!



Live street music

what to do in vallettaOnce you are in Valletta at night, some of the best things to do is to just sit, relax and enjoy some well deserved rest while listening to some live music in some of the many places that offer it.

The city at night has a vibrant life, so you can choose your favorite, or move from one to another, enjoying a bit of each one.



Follow the way of heroes

what to do in vallettaDuring the Second World War, Malta became the most bombed place in the world, as Malta stood all the war cutting the Axis supplies although it was completely surrounded by the enemy. To learn more about, you can visit a number of places like the National Museum of War (placed in a fort of the Order of Saint John), the Lascaris War rooms and many other places where the Victory was forged in the Maltese islands.


Map of Atractions


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